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corgi-bottomWe were introduced to the breed and owned our first Pembroke in 1998, and were so impressed with their temperaments around children that they have been a huge part of our family ever since. A sound disposition is our first priority and you will find our Corgis to be loving, sweet, extremely friendly and a joy to be around. If you are wanting a family companion to be raised up with your kids, it is our belief that there is no better breed but you need to be aware that they shed tremendously, and they are natural herders so they will chase and nip the heels of their young “pack members” but it is a trait that is easy to correct and with respectful handling we have never had it be a problem.


Our Pems enjoy going for runs in wide open pastures, swimming in the nearby pond, and laying around in the shade provided by our many mature oak trees. They are ranch savvy and always our shadows, following us around as we do outside chores… they truly love to be with people and enjoy the company of visitors. Wyldrose Corgis are well socialized with family members and life on our busy ranch keeps them desensitized to many different sights and sounds as you can imagine with horses, a barn cat and a couple hens that are always interested in being nosey around the pups.


We usually plan a couple of litters a year, and puppies are placed in loving companion homes only. A Wyldrose puppy will come with a health guarantee, Limited AKC registration application and lifetime breeder support. If a Wyldrose Corgi needs to be rehomed for any reason they are always welcome to come back here, rather than a rescue or shelter.


We do not use any Corgi for breeding that has a known health or temperament issue. We test for hip dysplasia, and have them rated with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. All of our Corgis are Clear by parentage verification for the blood clotting disorder known as von Willibrands Disease. We also DNA test for DM. We follow the breed standard as close as possible… our Corgis mature at 25-35 pounds and are Red, Sable or Tri color with acceptable white markings. If you have any questions about our Pembroke Welsh Corgis, please feel free to email or call anytime. ~ Amber Rose McDaniel

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