Corgi Puppies

Please visit our Wyldrose Corgis Facebook page for current information about available puppies.

It is fine to ask certain questions such as availability and price only, but to be seriously considered for a home for one of our puppies, please share a little about yourself and where the puppy will be living.

We take deposits after a litter is born and thriving, and closer to 8 weeks of age we help determine (through close observation of temperaments and pictures of individual pups) where each puppy is best suited depending on your lifestyle and expectations of your new companion. We do not sell puppies based on their color or markings only, their personalities have to be a factor.

Our Corgi pups are ideally bred from the AKC breed standard in conformation, with our adults weighing 26 to 35 lbs. Acceptable colors include red and white, red head or black head tri, sable or fawn and white. A puppy with a coat flaw (fluffy or mismark) occasionally happens and this does not change anything about the puppy’s health, only makes them unique in color, however, we do not breed for these faults, sometimes they just happen. Age appropriate health screening on all parent Corgis is also a factor in preparing a litter and we are happy to discuss their results with you.  Our Corgi pups generally stay with us until they are ten weeks old but this is open for discussion based on circumstances.. we never mind keeping them longer if your family is planning a vacation etc.

Please contact us for more information!