Male Corgis


Our little Dreamer boy is such a polite and loving sweetheart. He never went through a gangly stage and has always been so handsome. He is a very cheerful guy and we are thrilled to own him.

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Bruce is our Sr male and he was born right here at Wyldrose Corgis. We knew at a very young age just how special he was going to be and he has never disappointed us. Bruce is the most mellow and good hearted fellow you will find. He is a great ranch dog, but usually to be found in the shade! He loves going for hikes, swimming in the pond and basically hanging out wherever we are. His offspring inherit his fantastic temperament and nice amount of bone.

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Balin is a son of Bruce and Annie that we simply adore. His sweet face and loving nature make him a favorite around here.

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Note: All photos on this page were taken by Amber Rose McDaniel and cannot be used without her permission.