Hi Amber, Nice to hear from you. You actually just beat me to it, because I was going to write but wanted to take some pictures first.

Quite a funny view with the cactus and the snow, but at least you didn’t get as much snow as the folks in the northeast.

Boots is doing really fine. She settled in nicely and seems to feel at home. We had pretty cold weather for a longer time and Christine only now started riding. She did a lot of groundwork with Boots and she is a really cool little horse. She has a super temper and is a fast learner. We all really love her. I also started riding again just this week and all is fine again. I had tried a couple of weeks ago but the I had to realize it was too early.

I forward you separately a little video of one of boots first encounters with school children.

Kind regards to all of you, Joerg

Joerg came to our ranch when he was in Dallas on a business trip from his home in Switzerland, and we were honored that he chose our horse to view as he only had time to search for one horse for his wife, Christine, who wanted a Quarter Horse. We are thrilled that they are hitting it off and that Boots has such a lovely and caring home.


Dear Amber,

Thanks for helping us bring Winston T. to our home in Richmond, VA. He is a real delight and just the “perfect puppy”. We have had Corgi dogs now for almost 27 years and Winston is our best one yet. Actually, we learned of WyldRose Corgi’s from our now son-in-law, Jacob. Back in 2011, Jacob purchased “Tex” from Amber for our daughter Amanda. Tex is a cool!!! So when our Izzie died, we called Amber. Note: Tex is a brother to Bruce and an uncle to our Winston T.

Amber makes the whole experience delightful. She is very patient even if you send a lot emails during the wait and excitement. She always replied with very nice comments. She kept us posted with pictures and updates of Winston T every week until it was time to pick him up. Winston is just the light of our life! WyldRose Corgis is the best and the only breeder we would recommend.

Take care,

Rich & Karen Stafford
March 18, 2015

We loved hearing from Rich & Karen about how much they love Winston T. We are so happy he went to such a wonderful home and we hope you have lots of fun with him.

Hi Amber, We’ll be showing the boys off to our vet come Monday 10-18-10 – she, like us, loves Corgis. We’re completely in love with them – they are so smart and accommodating – it’s like living in a cartoon when they’re awake – we’re overwhelmed by how beautiful they are – perfectly formed, strong, alert puppies.we’re beginning to see their individual personalities come shining through – each as wonderful, if different, from the other.

We have been able to tire them out with scheduled activities – we’ve even introduced collars and their first walk on a leash today to our neighbor’s home who has been waiting to see the boys almost as long as we have. – as you can see – they’re properly pooped out just now.

We expect by Christmas we’ll be walking miles and miles in our local foot hills with the boys – and staying young and active right along with them. Again many thanks for sending us such wonderful animals – hope you enjoy the pix
warm regards – Carole

This was the first time we sent 2 puppies at the same time to one home, but it worked out that they could fly to New Mexico together and keep each other comforted on the way. Raising two brothers the same age and at one time is a huge commitment and not to be attempted by the faint hearted! But we have faith that Carole and her family are doing a super job of it and keeping us informed along the way is appreciated. Thank you for the cute pics of Dylan & Leo. Good luck with the boys!

We discovered Amber’s Corgi’s in 2006. After a brief visit to their ranch, I held the first Corgi puppy I had ever seen and was immediately taken with the breed. Three years later, we have 2 tri-color brothers. Upon meeting Amber, you can immediately tell how much she loves her dogs and wants to find good homes for her pups. It was such a pleasure both times we bought dogs from her.

She makes the whole experience such a delightful one by keeping you posted with pictures and updates of your puppy each week until the time you get to pick it up. Our dogs are just the light of our life!

Both of our dogs are in agility at Paws For Applause in Rowlett, TX. Doing this has been a great experience for all of us. They are very quick learners and high energy and this is an excellent way for them to release some of that energy.

We feel very fortunate to have met Amber and her family and now have a good friend for life.
Steve & Glenda Holland
Radar & Echo

We have really enjoyed becoming friends with Steve and Glenda and are so happy they have Radar and Echo in their lives, they are doing an awesome job with them and we can’t wait to see both boys competing in agility. Radar is the sweetest boy and Echo is too cute!

I hope you and your family are doing good. We have enjoyed seeing the puppies on your website! They were so adorable!

We are all doing great. We got some costumes this year… Petsmart had them marked down 75% yesterday, so we thought what the heck… I figured since I wasn’t putting anything on their heads, we might get away with it. I think they look just too cute in them. 🙂

I just wanted to say hello and send you some updated photos! Take care!
Steve & Glenda Holland

We are so greatful for the way we have been taken care of by Earl and Amber. With their help and guidence in selecting the best mares and stallion for our breeding program we are confident that we have a solid foundation upon which to build. It has been great working with them!

Kenneth and Janice Campbell
Double K&J Ranch

We have really enjoyed getting to know the Campbell’s and Martins. When we made the decision to sell our stallion, Spirit, it brought all our families together and we have formed a life long friendship and we look forward to the future of raising more great Quarter Horses with our friends.


Hi Amber, I am so impressed at how nice and calm she is and so willing! I can’t wait to start her. Thank you so much for selling her to me. It was a real pleasure dealing with you and Earl.

Thank you so much for delivering her to Sioux Falls, it is greatly appreciated. I look forward to chatting with you on Facebook and I will keep you updated on Lady’s progress. When we get to Texas, I will definately look you up and vice versa, if you ever find yourself this far north, give me a call.

Talk to you soon.

We met Holley (from Manitoba, Canada) in Iowa at a bed & breakfast with a filly she bought from us as a show prospect. We really enjoyed meeting Holley and her family, and I’m sure she would agree, Aunt Reba’s homemade apple pie was divine! Good luck with Lady, hope you enjoy her!.

Hi Amber, Just an update. Munchkin is awesome! She has come along so fast! Im going to ride her one handed at the show next week and even try the horsemanship too.

She is such a sweet girl! I will let you know how the show goes. Im hoping to at least come home a point earner. Thanks again for such a wonderful mare!

Tom and Tori

Congratulations Tom for coming home a point earner! We are so happy Munch went to a loving show home in Utah and wish you and your daughter the best of luck and much fun showing.


Congratulations Tom for coming home a point earner!  We are so happy Munch went to a loving show home in Utah and wish you and your daughter the best of luck and much fun showing.

My wife and I have spent the last 4 years and quite a bit of money trying to breed one of our mares, Miss T, without success. This mare is extremely anxious when away from home and normally drops 100+ pounds during the breeding process. After visiting the McDaniel’s breeding farm and discussing the situation with Earl & Amber my wife and I decided to bring a companion mare along to ease Miss T’s anxiety and have them both bred to their stud.

Earl kept the two mares in a large run, to help ease Miss T’s anxiety, even though these two mares aren’t the easiest to catch. Both horses are now safely in foal and we are looking forward to having two outstanding colts in the spring of 2010. We would like to thank the McDaniel’s for the efforts they put into comforting our horses and I know this went a long way to their successful breeding.

Lonnie Faulkner

We wish the Faulkners much luck with their 2010 foals and appreciate their business!

I bought a foal from McDaniel Quarter Horses and couldn’t be more pleased. Ms Peppy Benz, aka ‘Honey’, is the best horse I’ve ever owned. She shows promise in reining and cattle events; she is anxious to please; and she is beautiful. She earned a box full of ribbons as a 2YO, including the 2009 OKFQHR 2-3YO Mare Champion in Conformation, the 2009 OKFQHR Champion in In-Hand Trail, and 2009 OKFQHR 4th Place in Amateur Handy Ranch Horse (the only competitive 2YO). My dream horse: they don’t come any prettier, faster, or smarter!”

Also, “I’ve bred my mare twice at McDaniel Quarter Horses. The first foal, a gorgeous chestnut stallion, shows great promise. He brought home the 2009 OKFQHR Reserve Champion in Yearling Stallions and the 2009 OKFQHR Reserve Champion in Open Yearling In-Hand Trail, despite only making three of the four shows. He shows great promise as a reiner. I’m expecting similar quality from the foal due in February!”

Cheers, Grady

Grady, we appreciate your friendship and business very much and we love “Honey” too!

Hi! Just a quick update on Henry. He is now competing in AKC Excellent JWW and is one qualifying round away from being in Excellent Standard, as well. We now have FOUR of your Corgi’s training at Paws for Applause. Henry, Radar, Echo and Riley. You are becoming famous out there!

Henry’s doing great and having tons of fun. Here he is at the Texas Kennel Club Trial in August.

Henry was the star on this rainy Sunday at our agility trial. He came in 1st and won his Exellent A Jumpers with Weaves title, running over 4 yards per second and then followed that up with another 1st place for his Open Standard title. Of course, his favorite part of the day was getting all yucky in the wet dirt and then running up to give people hugs. LOL.

Henry Q’d and advanced to Steeplechase finals in USDAA this weekend. He is now qualified for the Regional Championships. Henry Nenry is already qualified for 2011 USDAA Regional Championships.  He is also a champion napping buddy and ace squirrel chaser.  You breed very multitalented dogs.

We had fun!

Thank you Marylin for always keeping me updated on Henry’s progress with pics and youtube videos, he is amazing to watch!


It was in September 2009 when I first met Earl and Amber McDaniel and their three lovely daughters. I was on a trip to the Ft. Worth area to look at a gelding, which turned out that he did not fit my needs. On my return trip through the Decatur, TX area I called Earl and Amber about a 5 yr. old gelding they listed on the internet for sale. Without any prior communication they very graciously agreed to show me the gelding that day. Also their ranch was on FM 51 Highway which I was traveling on way my back to Oklahoma.

They had a nice looking and well bred gelding that was born and raised on a Texas ranch and that had experience as a ranch horse. Due to recent heavy rains their arena was very wet and extremely slippery which limited riding maneuvers. Relying on what Earl and Amber told me about the gelding’s training, experience and disposition I bought the gelding that day. He was exactly as they told me and I have enjoyed riding him.

Earl and Amber are experienced horsepeople, very friendly, helpful, and I greatly appreciated their honesty. It was a pleasure for me and I would not hesitate to do business with them again.
Best of luck with the 2010 breeding season with your new stallion “PEP”.

D. L. Osborne
Ardmore, OK

Thank you D.L. for your great testimonial. Good luck sorting with Dually, we had a lot of fun with him while he was with us.